Girl Meets World

My first and favorite project I tried from pinterest is making my vision board. You can put anything on your vision board and it can be about anything you want it to be. Every other moment I like to look at my bedside where my vision board hangs and look at my everyday goals I want to accomplish. Here is my first vision board I made back in 2017.

It wasn’t really goal oriented but I was still proud of it. In 2017, I wanted find love, travel and get fit. When I look back on this board, it was like a different version of me that made it, a innocent, naive me. Some of the things on this board I grew out of and I’m glad I did.

My 2018 Vision board had more goals, photos and quotes that I could relate to.

2018 wasn’t really my year. It didn’t really go like I hope so. I quit my lil work study job, applied to over 120 jobs, got a job but I quit because I couldn’t stand it, thought I found the one, well a few “the ones” and I went though the whole summer without internet and money. So yeah 2018 taught me a lot about myself, the people around me and about life in general. There was plenty of times I wanted to quit and nailed my bedroom door shut but I couldn’t, I had to keep going. I really do feel like I aged about four years. The photo that is like the theme of my year of 2018 is the Phoenix. A Phoenix is a Greek mythological long-lived bird that would die in a self created fire but rise again from its ashes. And gurl I sure did that a lot in 2018. I did had some great moments, for the first time I traveled by myself, I stood for myself , I learned to be more outspoken and to get back up and brush off my shoulders off when being pushed down.

Animal Kingdom, Disney world March 2018.

I know 2019 is going to be my year of abundance of success and happiness. Even though I have been saying that for the pass two years, I really do believe this is the year my hard work is finally going to be paid off.

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